Welcome to my site!  I’m so excited to begin this journey with you.  I have so many ideas, experiences and stories to share with you.   My life has been anything but easy, but I’ve learned so much about myself, about God and about people along the way.   I hope to offer you Hope in the midst of your trials, wisdom about handling difficult relationships, how to forgive the unforgivable and to Trust God in midst of life’s devastating events.  Facing heart break and rejection and choosing forgiveness daily through my 23 year marriage that ended in divorce due to infidelity. It was in the Refiner’s fire that I learned that He is more than Enough! He carried me through the fiercest storms and the darkest valleys. I am a survivor! I am a counselor, a Mother, a friend, a sister, a daughter, and most importantly, a child of God,  I am Deeply Loved by my Daddy God.   I am flawed and broken and He chooses to use me anyway.  I desire to follow Him and use my experiences to hopefully help others to not feel so alone on their journey, and to offer some nuggets of wisdom that I’ve learned along the way.   My faith and supportive community are what have carried me through it All.  I am honored to walk daily with my clients and help them navigate their way as they struggle to get through their own trials. So excited to share some of my trials and treasures with you on here.. so grab a cup of coffee and let’s go!